Jolan'tru, Rihannsu!

Pride gives us strength. Strength gives us power. Power gives us control. Control grants us the destiny we want. Join the fight, and bring honor to our people. The Romulan Star Empire needs you!

Welcome to the Imperial Romulan Warbird Kholhr, a Valdore-class warbird patrolling many parts of Romulan space and the neutral zone. We are a proud people, but we are also very aware of our situation post-Hobus. We are friendly to the Federation, but that is thin ice. And then we have our Klingon friends to the galactic south knocking at our door. Everyone wants a piece, and we need able-bodied Romulans at our side.

Bullies Shout the Loudest
(by CIV Savin, Psy.D)

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Mission 004: Border Tensions

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» Welcome Alidar!

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 @ 6:49pm by Riov S'Havraha in Out of Character

I am happy to welcome Alidar (Jonathan) to the Kholhr. He will be playing a rather new officer in the Galae, although the player is far from new to Romulans, having roleplayed them for 20 years off and on. Another Romulan nut like the rest of us, eh?

Alidar will be a Romulan lead of the Commandos. Typically this is a Reman Slave Master, but since S'Havraha is not keen on the whole slavery deal, had a close relationship with Ovikir, etc, we're bringing on a "Chief of Security" who will run the Remans, and will work closely with Aidoann on these areas as well.

Expect a log/post from him upon his arrival at the Kholhr (docked at the Flotilla when he arrives, most likely), and feel free to engage with him in your own JPs. Super excited!

» May Bronze Unit of Merit!

Posted on Mon Jun 27th, 2016 @ 7:17pm by Riov S'Havraha in Sim Announcement

I am pleased to announce that we received the Bronze Unit of Merit award for May of 2016. This is the second time we've received this honor and I cannot say how pleased I am with all of you to allow this to happen. This is a wonderful sim. And while we can get slow at times, I love this place we call hfihar!

All active members have received the "Distinction" award on this sim for this very honor:
May 2016 Bronze Unit of Merit Award

» Awards and Promotions

Posted on Tue May 31st, 2016 @ 9:57am by Riov S'Havraha in Sim Announcement

I am pleased to announce some awards and promotions for the Chase mission. First, all of you have received a Service Medal for participating in this mission. Savin will also receive one for the Klingon Buildup mission.

Also, the crew have nominated Nveidus for the Rihannsu, which also translates into the Crew's Choice Award in Obsidian Fleet. I am always pleased with Nveidus' deep dive into his character and Romulan lore.

I am going to award the Commander's Honor (MVP-like award) to both Tiellh and Aidoann. They have both led away teams during this mission and have really done a great service IC and OOC for this sim and the last mission. I hope to see great things from both of them as we continue on!

A few promotions are in order. Way back in the fall, I was awarded the OOC promotion to Riov, or Commander (Starfleet Captain equivalent) given my 6 months of command, so I will be taking that ICly now that we have completed this mission.

In addition, I am pleased to announce these promotions. Uhlan Nveidus is hereby promoted to the rank of erei'Arrain (Lieutenant J.G.), Arrain Vrina is promoted to the rank of EnArrain (Lt. Commander), and Tiellh is promoted to the rank of ere'Riov (SubCommander, Commander equiv). This will be role played out in the beginning of our next mission so stay tuned!

I should also mention that Zanne, although not a Romulan, will receive a Distinction award. This is for OOC purposes for Brian's contributions, but also ICly S'Havraha will be doing something for Zanne and her efforts for the Romulans. It should be fun to RP this out!

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, do not hesitate to come to me or Louise. I hope you will have fun on this next mission, Border Tensions!

» New Featured Post - Go Savin!

Posted on Sat May 14th, 2016 @ 12:23pm by Riov S'Havraha in Out of Character

I have decided on a new featured post for our sim. The "Bullies Shout the Loudest" post, by Savin (, has been given this distinction. The post is linked off our front page, and Savin has also received the Rihannsu award. Well done!

» Two new simple changes

Posted on Fri May 13th, 2016 @ 4:09pm by Riov S'Havraha in Sim Announcement

I am going to put in place two simple changes that I've learned from some other sims. These are being put in place to keep the sim moving at a quicker pace so we don't get bogged down by post lag as much.

First, I am going to require a minimum of one post per month that is actually posted. We usually hit this, but sometimes our JPs drag on for quite a while. So you need to have posted a JP, an individual mission post, a side char-dev post (joint or not), or a personal log. People who cannot do at least this much will begin to be weeded out. I don't think we'll have any issue here, but it will make us think about our pacing more.

Second, I am going to be more clear about Mission Days. I will keep track in the Summary and Notes of the mission, and progress us in the mission as we move forward. You can see an example of this in the next mission ( -> Click the "Summary" tab). I am hoping this will also keep our pace up, as we will be striving for the next "chunk" of the mission. Thanks to Jay and the Galileo for this style of MD tracking.

Again, this is just to keep our pace a bit better and hopefully avoid some lag. If you have any questions or comments, toss them my or Louise's way!

Latest Mission Posts

» Wandering Off

Mission: Border Tensions
Posted on Fri Jul 29th, 2016 @ 4:05pm by Civilian Savin Psy.D & Riov S'Havraha


Exploring the ancient city, Savin had wandered off from his companions. He was here to learn, and learn he would. Even though he couldn't hear, his other senses well made up for that. The empathic impressions he got from the people he passed, their expressions. Some cast him an…

» The Commander Did What?

Mission: Border Tensions
Posted on Fri Jul 29th, 2016 @ 3:13pm by Riov S'Havraha & EnArrain Vrina


Commander's Office (ready room), Deck 1

S'Havraha was pacing as he looked out the portal windows, watching the stars streak by. They were getting close to ch'Pur, but the news of his choice for Zanne had made its way around the ship. He thought his first and second officers…

» Visiting the locals

Mission: Border Tensions
Posted on Fri Jul 29th, 2016 @ 3:01pm by Federation Ambassador Caymen Greener & ere'Arain Nveidus tr'Cretak & Civilian Savin Psy.D & Civilian Jerant van Rijn


Outside the Aedhai Walls

The walls of the colony on ch'Pur were not really baracades as they were boundaries. They did have watch towers, but there were no defense turrets or military troops around. Sure guards could be seen in the towers and patrolling, but it was very lax…

» The Toll of Leading

Mission: Border Tensions
Posted on Tue Jul 26th, 2016 @ 10:23am by ere'Riov Tiellh ir-Rhehiv'je t’Annhwi & Riov S'Havraha & EnArrain Aidoann Delon


Aidoann's Quarters, late at night

S'Havraha paced in his office, late at night, before the ship had arrived at the flotilla. Something was not right in his head, and he couldn't put his finger on it. That was when he decided to go to his two command officers, who…

» Leader of the Commandos

Mission: Border Tensions
Posted on Thu Jul 21st, 2016 @ 6:36pm by Uhlan Alidar tr'Meren & Riov S'Havraha & EnArrain Vrina


S'Havraha had been pacing one of the main portals that looked out to the main docking area of the flotilla. The Galae had still remained in a floating base as their main headquarters, although the Romulans had moved on to Rator III for most of their political work. He…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log, MD15

Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2016 @ 7:47am by Riov S'Havraha

Science and Plasma Arrays, Deck 14

**The commander paces alone in one of the Warbird bays, looking down at a terminal.**

"Computer, begin log."

**The computer chirped**

"I have been doing standard status checks on all subsystems on the Kholhr, although my officers have already done most of these. But…

» Something Odd

Posted on Sun Jul 17th, 2016 @ 2:49pm by Civilian Savin Psy.D

"Personal log, Counsellor Savin recording."

Savin stared down at his PADD, making sure his entry was being recorded.

"Something odd is going on here. Earlier I was walking through the colony center, on my own as Jerant had gone off into a different direction. He is my friend and my…

» Lost in Translation

Posted on Fri Jun 17th, 2016 @ 2:55pm by Civilian Savin Psy.D

"My first long since getting to this colony. I was asked along as psychological consultant but at present I am actually not certain what is expected of me. I seem to be acting as a diplomat more than the psychologist that I am, though I suppose with my background and…

» Bittersweet

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 7:53am by Riov S'Havraha

The glorious warbird Kholhr soared through warp thanks to her powerful singularity core. Luckily it still worked well, and luckily they had holding shields in place to keep the deck damage from affecting her travels. In many cases, they would have stayed behind and let their fellow warbirds make repairs.…

» Is it a victory or defeat?

Posted on Wed Jun 1st, 2016 @ 11:35am by EnArrain Vrina

"Log 325.1.

Victory has been achieved and I think it is save to say we saved the day for the Galae. I am however annoyed at this blasted mine, damage control and engineering have stated it will be a few weeks worth of dry dock time to get it repaired,…